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Resting in the Word

As of January 1, 2019, Resting in the Word has a new website.
When stress and worry keep you from getting a good night's sleep, spend time meditating on scripture to heal the spirit and quiet the mind. Join teacher, writer and host Connie Minnell for a relaxing time of meditation and the message of God's loveTo SUBSCRIBE to this show, click on one of the boxes below, then click on the Subscribe or Like button. Thank You for listening, and may God bless your rest.
Note: These audios are designed to help you relax. Please do not listen to while driving.


Resting in the Word has a new, updated website!
CLICK HERE to see the new Resting in the Word.
About Me:  My name is Connie Minnell, and this show is created out of compassion for anyone who struggles to find a restful night's sleep.
I speak from experience. I have struggled with chronic issues from sleep loss for years. Many, many times I was only getting 2,3, or 4 hours of sleep a night while teaching full time and being a wife, mother, and now grandmother. I finally took early retirement just to try to regain my health, but the habit of poor sleep continued.
(Update 3/30/18 Since starting Resting in the Word, and meditating each day to scripture, I can now say I am...
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